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Research Assistant position in computational music, Abu Dhabi


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Just passing this along, seems real interesting.


The Music and Sound Cultures is dedicated to the computational analysis and understanding of music from the Arab World and surrounding regions through a hybrid methodology employing humanistic and computational methods. Among its several projects, the group is developing a digital compendium of music from the region. This project combines digital archiving, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and the digital humanities in unique ways to develop multimedia tools that enable a deeper understanding of this music and its cross-cultural relationships. Consisting of an ever-growing collection of music from the Levant, Gulf, East Africa, and South India, this compendium contains several commercial recordings and original field recordings. MaSC is developing new ways to compare, understand and visualize this music with the goal of obtaining a deeper insight on this music, its origins, influences, and cross-cultural traits.

Responsibilities for the position:

The Music and Sound Cultures Research Lab is looking for a multifaceted research assistant that can work at different levels in the group: web developer; music annotator and data manager.

The web developing part entails maintaining and updating the MaSC website, develop specialized websites to conduct experiments and to host specialized content (e.g. demos of our existing software, musical applications that run on web browsers).

The music annotation work entails doing annotations of features of the music in specialized software (e.g. Sonic Visualizer) and the creation of specialized metadata tags specifying musical features to assist on the computational analysis.

The digital archiving entails the digitization and digital transfer of music from the region according to the NYUAD Library standards for digital preservation, and prepare these data for annotation.

The candidate will work under direct supervision of Prof. Carlos Guedes and in collaboration with other members of the research group. The work will include writing of technical reports and papers with the other members of the research team, as well as presentation in conferences.

Training on the specific requirements of the work to be done will be provided by the research team.
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