Resale/License transfer LIST


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I wanna give a HUGE shout-out to Embertone for allowing and facilitating license transfers. I've acquired two of their licenses lately and the process has been simple and seamless. (Thanks, Lizzie!) So now I've got a Joshua Bell and a Walker D and I love them both. (Whereas a few of my other libraries are gathering dust, wasting away, being used by no one, because they don't work for me and I can't transfer them to someone else. I know, I know ... it's complicated. Just sayin' ;))


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I couldn't see Kirk Hunter on the main list.

This is what is says on the website about license transfer:

"... Unlike your musical gear, music CDs, or even software, you cannot give away or sell this software to someone else without prior clearance from us. Remember, you did not purchase the library. You purchased a license to use our sound recordings in your music. This license cannot be transferred by you. "
Does this mean they allow resale? If yes, then what is the transfer fee involved?