Removing 32 bit plugins in Windows


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I could clear about 3gb of drive space by removing x86 VST plugins folder. The biggest culprit is NI plugins. Some developers have an uninstall for 32 bit. Anyone have issues by removing 32 bit by deleting them? Other vendors in my 32 bit folder are Waves and Izotope. I have no need for them anymore.


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Just transfer the contents of your x86 vst folder somewhere else like your desktop, leave it there for a while and if you have no issues I guess it'd be safe to delete it.


I have a script that deletes that folder automatically every time I boot my computer. Native Access asks if you want to repair those VST plugins (which I ignore), other than everything just works. Should only be vst files in the folder anyway and not any other needed files.


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You have to be a little careful with NI as I found some of the vst's being used were in the 32 bit folder. You may need to reload them in NA, but make sure you change the options where stuff goes.

I recently had to reload my computer and made sure I unchecked all the 32 bit plugins. It helped a lot for the loading of my DAW's not to have to go through these.