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Remembering the Northern Sounds forum


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I went back there to see what's happening, Only the Garritan forum is really active.

Two things stood out from that forum I remember.

The first one was the large thread over people dropping Waves over their old WUP. I think that hurt them and brought some change.

The other one was in those exhausting threads over piracy and Eric Pershing with his anti dongle policy. I copied his quotes and paste them when necessary.


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Wow - had no idea they still existed. I received Chuck Israel's book for Christmas, I have to go back and revisit the on-line version now. And the online version of Principles of Orchestration too.


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I haven't been there in years. I remember attempting to make sense of the Principles of Orchestration thread and comments.
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Before my time, but I seem to recall someone saying something about back in 2002, VSL announced that they were doing a new sample library (it was to be their first, I think), and it was to have, like, 19 billion samples (not exactly, but some number people were not prepared for), and some people on that forum were just crying bullshit. Or something to that effect?


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It was pretty much like that, yes. :) The announcement of a library aiming for a measly million of samples was already enough for many to shout "bullshit", though.


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Gigastudio thread was cool for a while but Larry Seyer opened up a forum and no mas NS for me.
Every thread had somebody whining about something and I didn’t like that crap.
But now days I won’t participate unless there’s name calling and insulting going on.

Great therapy. Keeps me from going off on people at the grocery store.


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Haha, the good old days, when the world was free. No Snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors back then.
But wasn't the NS forum a terrible place run by a tyrant? Some may argue the ultimate snowflake? It was before my time so I'm only going off what I heard.


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Like a lot of on-line ventures, NS started out strong. I no longer remember the details, but at one point the original owner wanted to bail, Gary Garritan bought it. It became his luttle universe -- which is fair.

I like Gary, I've met him at several trade shows, and corresponded with him often. I have no complaints about him choosing to make it his football - her certainly gave back more than he likely received. The Principles of Orchestration and Jazz Arranging courses alone made the place great.

While I acknowledge that it was his football, I found some of his acolytes to be rather boorish, at best. I made a suggestion for one of the competitions and was soundly and roundly piled on both publicly and privately. I was not amused.

Then (and I might have the order backwards) I posted in a thread about the ridiculous delays in delivering libraries. I was polite, but pointed out that the absence of any news was a poor business choice - in my opinion.

I was once again pounced on. That's when I left.

In his defense = I ran into Gary and company at yet another trade show, Gary mentioned that I had not been around much. I told him why, politely of course. He thought it was sad that I'd leave over that.

Oh well.

I would not wish to own/run an online forum, not even for musicians!
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