Released: Moondust for Serum

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    Moondust is a collection of 64 beautiful pads, atmospheres and soundscapes suited for use in game, film, trailer and library music productions or any ambient/downtempo production . The presets are created from 43 custom wavetables and with the use of 92 custom noises. Both the wavetables and noises are included.
    The presets make use of modulation via the modwheel and the 4 macro’s are assigned to control different parameters within Serum extensive FX section.

    The 64 presets are divided into 13 ambiences, 39 pads, 5 pulsating pads and 7 soundscapes.

    Moondust is available at an introduction price of €17.95 till 18 June (reg. €22.95) - all prices are with VAT included.

    Audio demos:

    Walkthrough video:

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    Just as well I don't own Serum. Otherwise my wallet would be taking another hit again this month.
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    Jaap Yes, that's an alto flute

    Thanks Ben!
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