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Reinstalling Ivory : 21 DVDs or is there a download


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I have to reinstall Ivory, ver 1.5 on 10 DVDs. I also have the update for Ivory II (11 DVDs).

Have they come up with a different format I could download this instead of 21 DVDs??




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I found something in their FAQ section:

For a nominal fee you can purchase a download asset of the product you own directly from us via Paypal. Write to [email protected] with your request and include a valid Paypal email address. We'll confirm the fee and send an invoice.

If you have already purchased a download asset of Ivory II, run the downloader-installer that was emailed to you.

If you have lost the link for the download, write to us at [email protected] and include a receipt/email showing proof of purchase.


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Please could you post how much the fee is (after you have an answer of course)
Thanx in advance!
Here is what Synthogy replied.

"Hello André,

You can purchase a complete download asset of the Ivory II Grands directly from us for $20. There is no need to install Ivory 1.5 first, you only need to use your Ivory II DVDs. If you would like to proceed with a download, let us know and we'll send a Paypal invoice.

Or, if you still have the Ivory library (Ivory Items folder) on another computer or drive and have a way of moving the library over to your computer, here's what you can do:

- Move the entire Ivory Items folder over to the root directory of the drive you would like to use, so it's not inside any other folders.

- Then download and run the Ivory 2.5 update on our site below. When the installer ask about the library location, click Change and choose the Ivory Items folder you copied over:


The download fees range from $25.00 or less depending on the Ivory II product and the size of the libraries. There's a 20% discount if you need a download for multiple Ivory II products.


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Andre, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to install the original Ivory, only Ivory II.
Hi Michael, you are right, this was confirmed by Synthogy.

"There is no need to install Ivory 1.5 first, you only need to use your Ivory II DVDs."

But with the download, it's all one operation, I don't have to navigate the time and swapping of the DVDs. It's a straight install. So much better! :)


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