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Upcoming virtual instrument developer Red Room Audio just came up with a brand-new release: SAGA – Acoustic Trailer Percussion. After launching their very first, well-received product Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad just a couple of months ago, this time, the brand is back with a cinematic percussion library that’s geared toward a cutting-edge, organic trailer sound.

SAGA features a broad collection of thunderous traditional and exotic drum ensembles as well as world percussion solo performances, smashing metal sounds and organic impacts. Deeply sampled on the same Bulgarian scoring stage “Palette” was captured, SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion offers over 30 different instruments playable in a large variety of different articulations.

We had the chance to give SAGA – Acoustic Trailer Percussion a proper test run and will share our experiences with the library in the upcoming review.


Read the full review on Epicomposer: http://epicomposer.com/red-room-audio-saga-review/
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