Recommended library whooshes, brams, risers and etc


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8dio Hybrid Tools. I had the collection at cheap price a few month ago.
Still no use yet, but you never know :)

Typical ViCist behaviour ;)


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FWIW, just chiming in to say I often find it easier to work with WAV files on the DAW timeline when it comes to risers, wooshes, braams, impacts, etc... It enables me to have more direct control over start and end times, and provides freedom to layer and mix without restriction. To that end, I believe most libraries from Keep Forest, Sample Traxx, and maybe a handful of others, include WAV files with their Kontakt libraries, giving you a choice of how to work with them. It's something you may want to consider.

Brian Nowak

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I will second what has been said already - wav files are easier to work with for lining up edit points.

Aizerx stuff is actually really good. The player is kind of funky and has weird latency in certain things. But they include wav files so I just drop them in. I just got a track accepted by a major trailer publisher and 95% of the hits/impacts were from aizerx classic.

Boom Library, Soundmorph, and a few select libraries from Cinetools all have quality audio effects. Boom is probably the cleanest of them all. But you pay for it, for sure. Right now they're having their usual sale, though. Buy 3 for the price of 2. They have a few trailer specific packs that are pretty good.

There's also Ava Instinct, Audio Imperia has a few good trailery sound design kontakt libraries.

But the big thing is you need a few different types of hits - some specialty ones and some more generic ones for layering. That's where Keepforest comes in.

As far as rises go, Rise and Hit is good but the starting points, when going for longer rises, are very quiet. Almost impossible to hear, sometimes. UVI Meteor is actually quite good. Again, I always render to audio.

Other than that, I almost always create additional layers for rises by reversing sounds, adding synth/noise layers, etc. Anything to make them special and stick out more.