Recommendations for small modular rack?


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I’d like to assemble a small modular rack for doing sound processing / flavor adding. Not planning on actually using it to generate sound, more as something to add the icing to the cake. Like Magneto, Clouds, DSM Character, etc.

As such, I don’t think I need a very large rack. I was thinking about the 6U Arturia rack. But is there anything better out there that you’d recommend?



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No responses to this - did you get the Arturia? I’ve just got the MiniBrute 2S which is specifically designed to attach the RackBrute. So when funds permit am going to have a little dabble with the 6U I reckon. Am now watching Christian Henson’s Modular Mondays from the start, to get some tips. I just hope my marriage survives.

One thing that might slow me down is that I want to have dedicated individual inputs for each of my hardware synths into my DAW and at the moment my 8 input UA Apollo 8 is maxed out. So I need to get an A-D converter to use the 8 ADAT inputs. The Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre looks good value for £380? Anyone using one, or something similar?
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