Recommendations for filter plugins with many creative options.


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I've been using FabFilter Volcano and Filter Freak for forever it seems like, and am interested in seeing what's new out there these days that is very advanced and creative both feature-set-wise, GUI-wise, and sonically. I just want to change things up and see what options there are at this time. Money is not an object for it.

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You can get really crazy results with Cableguys' FilterShaper (Shaperbox). I don't see it get it mentioned enough.


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I use MWobbler and I’ve done a few videos on how to use it. There are a number of things it can do, so don’t be fooled and think its only good for dubstep wobbles. I don’t know if it’s exactly what you want, but feel free to check it out.



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Audio Damage Filtersation 1 & 2 you'll thank me. I prefer 1. And while you're there Panstation is killer. For more extreme, sugar bytes WOW2. So fun


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Really like what this guy is doing.
He also just released a delay that is worth a look at!
AudioThing has this formant one "with a twist".
Kilohearts'v got this "multi band based" modular effect that could become pretty addictive...
If you'r on Mac, Sinevibes offers many rhythmic based FXs.


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Another vote from me for Tantra. It's great for getting rhythmic effects quickly.

If you own Zebra, I'd also try the included effect version, Zebrafy. It lets you pipe an input signal through all of Zebra's filters, effects, and modulators. You can route midi into it and control parameters just as you can in the base synth, including things like keyboard scaling or velocity.

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For really serious situations i still prefer Hardware solutions (mostly Sherman Filterbank II or the Filter of the Waldorf Pulse II)

In the box, i prefer Reaktor based solutions, specially the Monark filter.
Zebrify also gives great results.
Further, Logic's new phat and step fx have great filter models, as has Tantra.
Mostly in combination with distortion i also like WOW2 (specially the vowel filters).
Finally, Waldorf's Northpole also has a quite characterful sound.
In short: too much choice...