Recommend Soundiron libraries!


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Hi guys,

Which libraries you recommend for hybrid orchestral music like from Soundiron?

I have Mercury Elements, Olympus Elements, Apocalypse Percussion, Mars and Venus Choir, Hyperion Strings Micro, Voices of Gaia, Voices of Rapture

And would like to hear what you guys use from Soundiron

Thanks :)


I don't have anything from them yet but everyone seems to like the libraries around here. If you search the forum there are some threads with users discussing some of the libraries they enjoy the most.
Anyway, I'm about to get the Bamboo bundle and Clack with the current sale they're having because I could use some percussion variety and I'll get to know they're libraries.


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I have quite a few of their tonal and other percussion instruments as well as Olympus Elements and Olympus Micro libraries and also their Iron Pack Bundle. Although none of these seem to be designed specifically with hybrid orchestral music in mind, every Soundiron library always contains a substantial number of sound design patches that are derived from the original samples and they also have an extensive FX section allowing you to shape the sounds further. My personal Soundiron favorites in that respect are Alto Glockenspiel, Steel Tones and Noah Bells; each of them have quite a few ambient patches included that could be potentially useful for hybrid music.

Mark Schmieder

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The Theremin+ is magnificent; even better at emulating the real thing than my Moog Voyager (with LOTS of programming time at my end), and great to have long-term when the one from Wavelore is sort of abandonware at this point (and not as good anyway).


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Ambius,, Antidrum, Glitch Hero, they are so good.
I've missed the sale but strongly considered Antidrum. I kept changing my mind thinking I likely already have what I need, at least sound wise, and just haven't explored much yet; Evolve, Mutations & Mutations 2.

If you (or anyone) are familiar, is there significant crossover between Antidrum & the Evolve libs in regards to hybrid drums/percussion?


Sorry for the inconvenience
Funny you should ask! I realise yesterday that after I posted that, I don't actually have Antidrum (I must have been thinking of something else). I did just purchase it during the sale so I will be exploring shortly though.