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Reaper and Kontakt doesn't play MIDI correctly, how do I fix this fast?


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So I play a MIDI note, when releasing it the sample re-plays again, I have tested other VSTs and it's only with Kontakt this happens, and it does not happen when using Kontakt standalone, i.e somethings off when the MIDI data goes from keyboard -> Reaper -> Kontakt -> Library. Anyone had similar things happen, how do I fix please?


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I'm having this same exact issue all of a sudden. I've done a reset of my keyboard to ensure it's sending the proper midi channel, re-installed Kontakt, etc. Still happening.

And it's only in Kontakt. Hit a note, lift up and the "note off" is triggering another played note, and then it just sustains. Almost as if Kontakt is misreading the note off as a new note, and then not stopping the second note until it decays into sustain.

Any tips?


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Cockos just fixed it in a prerelease.

The bug was in using MIDI note on with velocity 0 as note off (which some MIDI controllers still do in 2021 for whatever reason). Reaper just sent this to VST3 plugins as is, and I guess Kontakt didn't handle this case gracefully, so Cockos guys changed it so that a MIDI note on with velocity 0 will be converted to a VST3 note off event when going to an instrument plugin.

This only happens with Kontakt VST3, VST2 was fine all along.
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