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Reaper 6 is here!


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Been beta testing it for awhile. Check out the CC lanes. You'll see some significant changes there.
Yep. The new envelope style editing is wonderful, rather than trying to shape those horrible bars.

This has been my #1 feature request forever, and though I'm certainly not a beta tester, I had been using pre-release versions for the last couple of months solely because they were implementing this, and it's nice to go back to a vetted official release. It was also nice to learn that my license is for v5-6. I had thought it was for 4-5. So, way cool.

Bernard Duc

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I'm scared! To whom would you recommend the update at the moment? How stable is it?
It’s perfectly stable. I’ve been using the beta for a while for professional projects. I didn’t want to go back to the official release after testing the new MIDI features.


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No. But Reaticulate is an amazing articulation handler that I highly recommend.
Yes it is... But somehow stopped working for me in version 6 and even a bit before... Not sure who's to blame. Does it work on your system?


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Still working fine.
Yes. You’re right. I did a re-install of the package and it works fine now. But I have a strange latency on version 6 with my Kontakt instruments... Don’t know why. Version 5.99 doesn’t have that, but maybe it’s something in the preferences I am overlooking. Pretty new to Reaper, so...


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Simply, WOW! :) :) :) Must admit I didn't see it coming - with all those micro versions that were released in recent time, I've expected that we'll be waiting for a stable version much longer. I just took a glance at some new features listed on the website and while only CC envelopes are enough reason for me to celebrate, it seems that the team had addressed many other things I wanted to see in REAPER.

Switching from Pro Tools 11 to REAPER 5 about two and half years ago was one of the best moves I've ever made and this new major version proves that this is the DAW that is striving to be advanced, stable, fast and fresh all the time. Many thanks and congratulations to the REAPER team! Can't wait to try out the 6.


Still only $60 for non-commercial use. Not even seen it yet but I know it's gonna be the best $60 I've spent this year. CC lane envelopes? Worth it for that alone!
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