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Reaktor instruments location?

Nick Batzdorf

Nick Batzdorf

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Okay, I see why I asked the question - I don't know Reaktor and was looking in the wrong place for the Open dialog..

Never mind....

Living Fossil

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Where does it want them to be? Reaktor 6 isn't finding them.

After my lengthy complaints about the file/preset organisation here is the answer:
In your "Documents" folder there should be a Native Instruments folder, in which there is a Reaktor folder, there are two folders, ensembles and library.
Use the "Ensembles" folder.

It's best to drag and drop the stuff from there, or to navigate Reaktor there.
(as i wrote, if you like the ensemble, save it additionally as Logic setting, that's the best way to find things again.)


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Look at the bright side. Even with a somewhat legacy (patched together) file system it's still less of a mess than a carton of patch cables stuffed under the desk.


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For some reason Reaktor always confuses me. Wish I knew it as well as I know Kontakt.
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