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Ravenscroft 275 iOS manual and pedal ?


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I give up ! Where can I find a user manual for the Ravenscroft 275 iOS version ?
And if I assume correctly that it supports a sustain pedal, how do I do this, e.g. what type pedal, where/how to connect ?
Thanks for any help.



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No manual. You need to connect the sustain pedal to your external midi keyboard, assuming it has pedal input.

Any sustain pedal should work, whether it's damper style or the generic rubber flat type.
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ravenscroft supports halfpedaling so get a pedal with continues output not just on off for maximum fun ;)


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Can you suggest a specific such pedal model/make that supports halfpedaling so I don't have to go through the horror show of returns. I know pedals in particular seem to give people grief in operability and its not just the polarity switch thing. I'd be very appreciative of a specific pedal <known> to work. Tnx.
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