R.A.W.- Free Online Ethnic Instrument Library


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Thanks a lot Herman! This is very generous of you. I've been waiting to try these out for a long time, thanks again. Nice to see you around by the way.



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A dead domain... indeed! So I discovered today when I caught this thread.

Does anyone know if the original authors/programmers are allowing this library to be distributed freely? If so, are there any folks here that have it that would be willing to share? It sounds like it's a pretty good tool to have in one's arsenal.


Herman Witkam

Herman Witkam

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Yep. I was unhappy with my hosting company, and when they didn't even try to solve my problem I refused to pay. Hence they stole my domain.

The actual problem in the first place was that Chinese hackers took over my Drupal database, which was running excellently, and there was hours of work in the whole username / forum system I had set up.

I'm currently full time scoring for film, and haven't found the time yet to set up something similar again. I'm also afraid that the whole thing will just get hacked again, but I want to be able to know who registers for downloads

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I really wish that these could be reposted some day. I had all the originals backed up too, until I lost my disc. :(
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makes me fee l like such a noob to see there are people here that have stuck with vi control for 10+ years (aside from Frederick Russ of course)