Question about sound design for sampling.


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Hi guys, i just wanted to reach out to the more experienced guys on the forum to try and give me a little bit of insight.

When sound designing specifically to make sampled instruments, be it in kontakt or any other format. BAsically sampling per note chromatic.

Where is the boundary between effects in the sound or effects after the sound.

Meaning, if i design a pad that i multisample. do i add my reverb to the bounced audio, or do i keep the audio dry and apply it in kontakt.

How far can you go down the sound design tunnel before it makes a sample unusable as a multisampled instrument.

here are a few of my thoughts/questions:

1. If i work with a sound and use an lfo to modulate the frequency of the filter, so i bounce that out and throw it into Kontakt. now if i play a note the lfo is in the time i set it, but if i play another note off grid then essentially you will have two lfo's modulating frequency and different rates.

Does this mess up the sampled instrument (making it unplayable).

2.when layering instruments (outside of konatkt before they are bounced as multisamples. Again how far can you go with the sound design. If i use a reverb, the reverb will be per note and essentially might make the instrument un playable.

So to sum up.

When it comes to effects/layer/adsr and filtering should it be done pre or post kontakt?

Thanks upfornt for the help