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  1. Stupid question from someone who's looking for a solution to control cc data entry with faders instead of drawing things in: if I get the upcoming Behringer Xtouch one, and I'd like to enter, say, 4 lanes of cc data in Cubase for each vi, would the single fader be easily changeable to control each cc number (example, on pass one, I record cc1, on pass 2 cc 11, etc.) or is that why one would get an 8 fader unit, to map each fader to a specific cc?

    Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance for any info you can share.

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    Jun 2, 2018
    My guess - probably not.

    It would depend on whether there are multiple user presets on the xtouch one which can be switched with the touch of a button. From the product page, it sounds like xtouch one will not have multiple customizable presets (the wording is "user preset", singular).

    Maybe there's a different way you could set it up in Cubase, but I can't think of how that would work. You could use the device setup / midi mapping to map the fader to a single MIDI CC, but then I don't think Cubase has a way to change the midi mappings like that quickly with the click of a button. Maybe there's some alternate trick with track quick controls that could help, but I don't use quick controls, so i'm not sure.

    For me, I find it useful to have multiple faders anyway, not just for the straightforward assignment of faders to MIDI CC, but also because it's not too bad to get used to controlling multiple faders at the same time. For my workflow, I always end up fixing up and fine-tuning CC with a mouse anyway, so my poor attempts to perform with multiple CC's is still faster than my poor attempts to perform with only one CC at a time =) But with multiple faders there's still always the flexibility to re-record CC one at a time the way you mentioned.
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    Thanks for taking the time to answer this, Shawn. I'm hoping there actually will be a way to do this, but if as you say, there isn't, then I'll probably have to look at the bigger X-Touch Compact. We'll wait for it to come out and see, I guess.

    All the best,
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