Q & VEP Feature suggestion: SOUND MODULE MODE - alternative Program-Change driven paradigm/workflow

A NEW SOUND MODULE MODE in VEP - desirable or not?

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Daniel Stenning

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This is a question to both the composers here who - by necessity - use enormous track-count DAW templates and the developers of VEP.
My idea would greatly reduce the track-counts needed for master templates - and might even - for *some* (probably more production-oriented) users eliminate the need for such templates at all.
.... Although I still do like the idea of a very MINIMAL template.....

What do people here think of an alternate paradigm - whereby plugin instruments hosted in a VEP server were not only accessible via seperate tracks on different MIDI channels - but also - like the multitimbral sound-modules of the past - via switchable via PROGRAM CHANGE messages?
So for example if one wants to use a single instance of VEP for all one's favourite basses, and assuming one typically just wants ONE bass ( or -say Grand Piano ) to be playing at any one time - one has just a single MIDI track and audio input channel - but one can flip between the bass instruments held on VEP simply by sending a PROGRAM CHANGE? ( including bank-info if necessary )
And what if this applied in a more sophisticated way to orchestral section - so for example - if one ownet three different string section libraries - one just has a bunch of tracks for Violin 1,2 violas, cellos etc.
But - given that only ONE library is intended to be used at any one time in one's project (not always the case of course ) to simply audition the sound of each string section with - say 5 tracks - one just sends a PC to the VEP instance - which flips between - say a Vienna string section and an Albion or East West section..
This way one wouldnt need N x L tracks - where N is the number of tracks required for one's "Section" and L is the number of libraries for such a section one is holding instantiated on the VEP server. Instead one would just need N tracks. And each of the L libraries gets chosen via MIDI Program/Bank change.
Is this a way of working - a modus operandi - that might appeal to some here? or is the current way of just filtering on tracks out of a vast track count - a perfect workflow for orchestral composers here ?
And ideally one wouldnt actually even need to memorise or use PC numbers becaus the VEP develpers could just give names to all the PC instrument options and display them in user-friendly fashion in the VEP client plugin.


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I’m working on an articulation management script for logicpro that may include the ability to do what you are suggesting here. I think it’s an interesting idea and I agree about making it possible to make track templates with only hundreds imstead of thousands of tracks would be helpful.

Another way to handle it in the meantime would be to enable/disable channels in vep. Granted it doesn’t respond to program change to do it. Vep7 will have the ability to enable or disable entire instances and do so via automation, so that will probably get you in the ballpark