Purpose-driven lover of music from Phoenix, Arizona, USA


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My name is Bryan Atkinson. It is a pleasure to join this "placenta" (yes, I'm using that word as an adjective which means "a place or environment of rich nourishment and growth":) of composers. Brothers and sisters, we are manipulators of the emotion.
I began writing piano music from an early age and was reared in piano performance. I am truly grateful to some of my mentors, including my oldest sisters who taught me piano. For about three years I have been actively writing music and scores for a handful of projects and, well, I think I'm hooked for life. Most recently I was notified that I almost made the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop but this year, but didn't, as I made it in the top 10%. I am so glad I still submitted.
I especially gravitate towards orchestral scores but LOVE hybrid and ethnic integration scores. Composers such as James Newton Howard, James Horner (why did he have to pass on????:), Williams (of course), Basil Poledouris, and Marco Beltrami especially interest me.