Pros/cons: keyswitches vs separate patches for every articulation?


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i use keyswitches to switch the articulation's and it works quite well. Sometimes, depending on the library i have to use another system but for the most part my keyswitches change the articulaton no worries i do like. The only problem i had with them was forgetting to reset and my entire string section played the wrong articulation. But this is easily fixed by inserting the correct keyswitch right before the note's.


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Key switching is the only thing that ever made any sense to me. I like having all the articulations on one track. And now that @tack has created Reaticulate for Reaper, I can trigger key switches and CCs and all kinds of information without having to think much about it, and without having to deal with extra notes at the bottom of the track.


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Articulation ID's/Expression Maps

Articulation ID's are embedded in the note data so there's no way of compensating for legato delay without the program time travelling to the future. However it's possible in Cubase to write a macro that looks at the Articulation ID's after the fact and move the notes to compensate.
That's interesting, Vin. I use separate tracks for a lot of patches so I can have a midi offset to make the notes land where I want. But I do use some keyswitches; pretty hard to be entirely consistent.

I have quite a few midi tracks as a result.