Prophet X?


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ufff.. at $4k i might have to keep checking out the rev2 that was going to buy anyways


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hmm.. i dont know much about piano rom players.. but how is this different than a motif or fantom?


but how is this different than a motif or fantom?
I'm not entirely sure here but I assume part of it has to do with converting the samples and treating them like an oscillator signal to send through the analog filters/components. That's my guess anyhow.

I suspect there will be some more in-depth news coming soon.


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Was expecting around $2500 - the $4000 seems a bit... much.

But knowing myself, I'll probably buy it anyhow. :sad:


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Pretty sure folks will like the Sample Oscillators.
I’ve got 4 @ 96k on my Solaris.
I might use 2 at most but usually 1 Sample, 1 Waldorf Oscillator, and either Prophet VS or multi wave CEMs.
For 4K you should get a 4 Oscillator synth.
But DSI Gear usually gets big and snappy with a pair.

I’m just use to so many EGs (6) LFOs (4) and Oscillators (4).
I’d grow weary of 2 win 8 voices.
A Prophet XPander would be fierce though.