Prophet ‘08... doesn’t suck?


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Just picked up an ‘08 PE rack for a crazy price. I’ve read so many reviews that complain about it being thin and or buzzy. And 95% of reviews of the REV2 comment on how much better the REV2 is than “that Prophet ‘08”.

The factory presets are meh, but that statement holds true for almost all hardware synths.

That aside... I’m not hearing it! This thing is positively dripping with beautiful, brassy, rich darkness, exactly the sort of thing that makes me still hold on to hardware. Doesn’t hurt AT ALL that it’s easy af to program, I looove that, too.

Anyone else have / played an ‘08 and had a similar (or different) experience?

I sometimes wonder if what I’m looking for in a hardware synth is just drastically different from the avg synth enthusiast. So many people drool over the OB6... I had one, and just did not feel it. THAT sounded hollow to me. Not thin, per say, but hollow, lacking fullness. It would probably sit well in a dense mix because of that, I guess, but it was not for me.


I agree!

The Pro 08 was my first analog board and I’ve loved them ever since.

The Rev 2 is cool but I like the 08 better. Then again, I like the P6 better than both of them and a P5 is my holy grail poly.

Moral of the story is... can’t go wrong with a Prophet!