Project logical editor for cubase folders


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Hi All,

I know much has been written on the subject, an I’ve trawled through a lot of posts but I am still confused how to do some basic Cubase 10 visibility stuff. Not concerned about touch pads, etc, right now; just want to get it sorted on the Cubase side of things.

I suppose want I want is to set up a key command that would select, for example, my BRASS folder, and expand that folder so I can see all contained tracks, BUT ALSO, keep visible any (and only) other tracks that have data on them for reference purposes. So you’ve played a piano part, want to add brass. Hit brass ‘button’ and then you see only piano part plus open folder of brass midi tracks.

Maybe this isn’t possible, or it’s not straightforward. Certainly seems like a dark art to me!

Any help or pointers hugely appreciated.