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Spitfire iOS Sketch library or labs for iOS (GarageBand), OT inspire iOS. Either would be phenomenal and start to push into an incredible territory. ipad pro + Bluetooth keyboard w/ one of those libraries please


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By 2109, Pianoteq 42 will be released and it will pass all double blind tests with flying colors but people who know they're listening to a modeled piano will say it sounds like plastic.
QUALITY satire, my friend!

All I know is last year when you posted this, or was it another similar post the year before- either way I was completely wrong. I thought by now we might see some more artificial intelligence solutions like Rayzoon, but better and improved or at the very least more modeled instruments like SWAM stuff. I suppose we did get Modo Bass which everyone seems to feel has pushed the boundaries of realism. We have definitely seen scripting get a bit smarter though which seems to do better at acting more like a real instrument playing but still not quite where I thought things might go by now.

I think this time I won't make any guesses and just sit back and see where things go from here.:scout:
Those are all very lofty goals for one year. I may be in the minority for this belief, but libraries don't change that dramatically year by year. There will be one big revolution every like five years max and everything else is fairly incremental, and that revolution isn't always life changing either (for example I'm counting modeling as a big revolution and it still has so much improving left to do that it didn't actually change much in the industry). Scripting that's, as you describe, "a bit smarter" seems like the only constant year over year, and I really mean "a bit"

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Cinematic Studio Winds, Spitfire Studio Winds, Soundiron Hyperion Winds, Performance Samples Winds.

And Orchestral Tools defending their title with updates to Berlin Woodwinds Revive and Expansions A and D.
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