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[POSITION FILLED] Wanted: Sound design for video game (FMOD)


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EDIT: Thanks to everyone who responded. The position has been filled.

Hi folks,

I'm looking for someone who can help me with a game I'm working on. I'm working with a professional composer for the music, and I have some basic sound effects that I implemented myself via FMOD, but I need professional help with fleshing out the SFX and mixing everything properly. There's one party that could potentially help me with this but they are not sure about their availability, and so I'm looking for people who can make a stronger commitment, so I can stop losing sleep over this. My release window is Q1 2022, but I need a good chunk of the audio work done in the next couple of months so that things are ready for playtesting and marketing sooner rather than later.

The game in question is an action rogue-lite (aimed for PC) that features pirate ships and fast paced aerial dogfights. You can think of it as "Pirates of the Caribbean meets Star Wars". I can share gameplay videos privately for serious inquiries. Be advised that this is a self funded indie project so I don't have a huge budget. I also don't know a lot about how this kind of thing would be priced, but as a reference point you could probably assume the scope would be similar to a game like Hades (multiple different player abilities and weapons, lots of explosions, UI sounds, environmental sfx, etc).

I'd really prefer to work with someone who has done this before, is very familiar with FMOD, and ideally have experience working with the Unity editor. If you're interested send me a private message with examples of your work, your experience using FMOD and Unity, and some basic cost estimate or hourly rate.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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