POLL: Please put back a dark blue theme:)

Putting back a dark blue background?

  • Yes

    Votes: 54 63.5%
  • No, but another colour would be nice

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • It's already fine now, no need for a change

    Votes: 29 34.1%

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Hey Mike and dear VI controllers,
Maybe I'm the only one to think that way, but maybe not... So yeah wouldn't it be nice to of course keep the new design but also to set up a dark blue theme like before?

Currently I find it a bit too bright and not really embodying the VI C spirit, but it's just my opinion, so take it with a tiny little grain of salt :)


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IMO the new bright mode is a bit too bright (combined with colourful, blinking ads and many colourful icons), and I'm getting the feeling that the dark mode, which contains a few situations with light gray-ish text on darker grey-isn background will becoming a bit tiring soon for my non-perfect eyes, especially when small fonts are used. I'll see if I can get used to it, but having more options is always good.


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About the text size, it is actually one (1) pixel bigger than the old site. But I just changed the font used for the text. Do you see a difference?


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Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 10.52.25.png
What I mean is that it would probably be good to have the option of writing withdark font/light background even when using the dark theme.
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Tim Wells
I know. Everyone's a critic. :) The new colors are fine with me, but overall I preferred the style and look of the old forum. But it's no big deal.

The biggest thing for me is, I don't see the thread subject line in the heading when I open a thread. Sometimes I'm not sure what people are discussing.


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First impression: Oh God, Why?

Second impression: Og God, Why?

Third impression: Will need some getting used to. Dark Mode for me too. :)

Fourth impression: Actually looks pretty cool!: newforum.jpg
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I actually want less options mostly so other people will complain less. Make it look like Craigslist if you want.

Seriously though, looks nice, Mike and jdig. It looks...calmer...

Mike Greene

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Maybe things look different than on my system here, but I'm not getting the impression of "blinding." Isn't black text against a white background pretty common on sites nowadays? I checked NY Times and Gearslutz just now and they seem to have the same black on white pages.

I'm not opposed to looking into this, mind you, but we'll wait a week or so to make sure this is really a concern, rather than just the change of things being a shock.


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Part of the problem may be that if we check out the skins, and switch from dark to bright a few times, they'll look darker/brighter than they would have looked if we just used one skin all the time. The main thing for me is that (especially for the dark version) more contrast and larger fonts usually means better readability (which could mean that a solution could be to make the dark background behind text even darker) and that maybe the overall layout maybe would look better if it was de-cluttered just a little. All the orange "New" icons aren't AFAIK used in the original version of the Uniform skin; instead, the main icon for each forum changes a little instead: https://xenfocus.com/xf2/index.php Personally, I also like the smaller, rounded icons better than the current solution – racially since there are two columns with user icons: https://xenfocus.com/xf2/index.php?forums/main-forum.2/ And, finally - re. the use of smaller fonts here than in the original XecForo skin, that's easy to deal with - just use the zoom function in Safari to make the fonts larger. The concept of having smaller fonts in the text edit area is another story, because depending on screen resolution, distance to the screen etc, that area is having to small fonts for some of us. But I blame Xenforo or the company who made the Uniform skin for that, of course, and not anyone here!

But thanks for all the time and work put into this – what I wrote above is only about details! :)
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For those of you with sensitive eyes, there's a Chrome extension called Dark Reader that inverts the colors on certain sites that you think may be too bright. You can also customize things like contrast/gamma/sepia tone to your liking. I find this really helpful for sites with no dark theme alternative!

Here's how my VIC looks with it on:



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How do you get the dark? I don't really like all this white. I miss my old computer where I could change the white to a nice tan color. The light blue on the sides doesn't bother me, but all this white in the center does.

Edit - found it, thanks