Poll: Is the computer an instrument?

Is the computer an instrument?

  • Yes

    Votes: 86 72.9%
  • No

    Votes: 32 27.1%

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Of course not. I mean Kontakt instruments aren't even instruments. They're just a collection of recordings that just happen to to trigger the correct note when you press the corresponding key.

Gerhard Westphalen

Scoring Mixer
Of course but I think about it more as the software it's running being the instrument rather than the computer itself. I guess @Rctec organ point could counteract that argument since each different sound on the organ isn't a different instrument in and of itself.

If 3 people are all playing completely different sounds using completely different UI devices (keyboard, drum pads, motion sensors, etc.) but it's all running off of 1 computer is there only 1 "instrument" present?


Winter <3
Anything that makes a sound can be an instrument. But it has to actually make the sound not just play back the sound.

I guess there is a grey area where, if you add a significant amount of post processing, that's controllable, in real time, to a sound then it is arguable that you are "making" the sound not playing back a recorded sound.


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It is, or can be, to the same extent that a corporeal symphonic orchestra is "an" instrument!

...whether or not you like the sounds as much, of course, is up to you ;)


I think computer and art of mixing / D.A.W. can easily be taken as proper musical instruments. At least, I do.


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Hah. Anyone who says a computer isn't an instrument is suffering from a very narrowminded view and is limiting themselves. But by all means, follow the rules!