Please post all sales and deals in this section

Mike Greene

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The forum is getting pretty cluttered with various sales, so I'm changing it so all deals should go here. This used to just be the Affiliates and Resellers section, but we're expanding it to all sales and deals.

So please don't post sales in the "Sample Talk" or "Commercial Announcements" sections anymore. One exception - Introductory prices when a product is released are obviously okay in a product release post


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Maybe it's because I just spent a few weeks with relatives in NYC and New Jersey, having longer conversations with aunts, uncles, cousins, parents old friends etc. than I've had in decades, but I can't stop myself from suggesting a title for the new forum:

Such a deal!

That will be the full the extent of my annoying meddling/suggesting things that I only I find hilarious, for today.