Please help me to identify these music?!


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Hello everyone, i think here are the right people to help me with these music!
Please tell the name of the big band and the name of the music. Shazam and all other services could not find it.
starts at 1:06

Thank you in advance!

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Shazam won't grab it because the music for the Golden Globes is recorded especially for the show. It's usually a hybrid of in-the-box and live elements.

Is this perhaps an arrangement of something from Goliath since that's what the award is for? I don't know the show and I didn't work on the Globes, so I don't have any more info.

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The music director was Lenny Stack. I would comb through his catalog or see if there is a contact for him online. He may appreciate receiving the inquiry about music which typically goes unheralded.