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Play 6 - Is this a bug?


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I'm slowly migrating my template into VEPro...I've saved my HWO multis in play and threw them into VEPro. Imagine my surprise when I open the mixer in Play 6 and see that some patches have the convolution reverb turned on. "Huh, must have missed those" I think and turn them off. Next time I open the mixer the FXs are still enabled. Weird? Yes. Infuriating? Yes. Has someone else experienced this?o_O

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It's a weird issue for sure, it gets turned on automatically if you use any of the scripts on the left of HWO (portomento, repetition, legato sim scripts), a frustrating feature / bug for sure!


Yep, I've had that bug. The latest versions of Play and VEPro fix that BUT not on the instances/projects you've already created. You need to make new ones and this is a massive pain, depending on how many instances you have.
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