Play 6 - Is this a bug?


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I'm slowly migrating my template into VEPro...I've saved my HWO multis in play and threw them into VEPro. Imagine my surprise when I open the mixer in Play 6 and see that some patches have the convolution reverb turned on. "Huh, must have missed those" I think and turn them off. Next time I open the mixer the FXs are still enabled. Weird? Yes. Infuriating? Yes. Has someone else experienced this?o_O

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It's a weird issue for sure, it gets turned on automatically if you use any of the scripts on the left of HWO (portomento, repetition, legato sim scripts), a frustrating feature / bug for sure!

Yep, I've had that bug. The latest versions of Play and VEPro fix that BUT not on the instances/projects you've already created. You need to make new ones and this is a massive pain, depending on how many instances you have.


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I too have had this bug.
It has NOT been fixed in the latest version - it's still an issue in 6.1.5 (which i believe is the latest) running standalone (no VEPro).
This was reported to East West YEARS ago, and they claimed it was by design....
... so sadly it will never be fixed.