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Piece from my new Symphony - MERRY CHRISTMAS :)


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Hello there.

Here is a short piece I wrote for my new 30 minute symphony. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones :2thumbs:



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Merry Christmas!

The instruments themselves sound great. The piece itself is very bombastic - but even so, I think it kind of oversells the bombast by overdoing the percussion, IMO. A little too many cymbal crashes, a little too much snare drum. Also, the whole thing seems to pump a little when the bass drum hits, like it's being compressed. All these are minor issues though, and the whole thing is a grand effort. I hope my comments were constructive


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you're doing symphonies now? :) fair play man.

it was very cliche sounding to me but it works as a Christmas piece. can imagine it in a tv commercial for Christmas movies to be shown over the Christmas period or something.

i agree with nineofkings on the over use on the percussion, dont think you need so much snare and metals going on seemed a bit overkill.

thanks for posting and merry Christmas to you too.



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Thank you all for your replies. It seem you all mostly agree on the kick drum compression. I agree. Zhao Shen mentioned, the crashes gets a bit repitive; I'll tone it down. The overkill compression and lack of clear definition on this piece stems from the template's limitations towards this type of upbeat light music as It's created for something entirely different. I'll post an update next year!

Thanks again.
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