Physical modeling synthesis resources?


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I wasn't really sure which form to post this in, so please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.

I really want to try my hand at building some of my own "physical modeled" sounds. I have a Waldorf micro Q , Which I'm fairly certain is pretty good for this, but I don't really know the first thing about how I should be approaching the sounds. I'm trying to create the sort of synthesis sounds where it's sort of difficult to tell whether the sound is a real , Live instruments, or a synthesizer. Do you know what I mean? Especially things like unique/interesting sounding mallet patches, or glassy/textural pads.

Does anyone here know of a good starting point to learn how to make this sound? Any resources, YouTube, whatever? General approach is?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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If you have Reaktor, some of this is indeed possible, for instance with the 'modal bank'. There's several tutorials/info out there on this, and probably many user library ensembles using it (it's the primary element of Reaktor Prism). For instance: