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Pettinhouse Summer Sale


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I bought the Classical Guitar 2 upon release. It's my favorite nylon guitar with a wonderful warm and classical sound. It plays very well. Thanks for the update!


Just scooped up Classic Guitar. Very Nice, indeed. Quick question: Is there a way to adjust the velocity response so I can trigger the strum layers easier? Of course, I can change sensitivity on my controller, but just wondering if I overlooked it in the GUI.


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What with OTS Group buy special on at the moment, I'm in the mood for picking up some guitars, however then after a bit more research, I came across pettinhouse summer sale, which seems by far a way better deal than OTS. I can get the whole pettinhouse range, for the price of one and a half OTS guitars. No brainer ?!

I have one quick question though, can you achieve the same kind of thing with Pettinhouse strum engine as OTS, or is it a bit more limited. I was unclear from the website if you can program any strum pattern, or you play these in manuall or what. Unfortunately I can't download the demo patches, as I don't have twitter or facebook !

Mr Pettinhouse also has an awesome sense of humor, which is worth buying his libraries for just the comedy value alone (Although they do sound great also !)
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