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Percussion Rolls & Cymbal Swells ?


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For me, the most playable and best sounding perc and cymbal rolls and swells is in NI symphony Series Percussion. Very smooth and realistic when you move the mod wheel. The best thing is that it automatically plays a suitable release tone when you release the key, depending on the actual mod wheel position.


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For free if you can find those from the G Town Church library. I also have VSLs Perc. + More, the wait for the discount to upgrade cymbals.

Mark Schmieder

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I can vouch for the Hans Zimmer, Rhapsody, and Wavesfactory libraries, each of which has a different sound so it isn't redundant to own all three. I'm so happy with them that I haven't investigated the others yet (though I also have other sources already in my own collection).

Be aware that terminology isn't consistent, so you may already have something that you didn't know fits the bill. Piatti are paired cymbals, and usually if it's just labeled as "Cymbal" then it's a Suspended Cymbal (but not always). Cymbal swells are sometimes referred to using different wording too (although at the moment I'm forgetting how else I've seen that listed).

Mod wheel doesn't work for swells on a lot of products (e.g. VSL stuff), but does on the three mentioned above, and a few others that came up in this thread already. I can't check Miroslav Philharmonik and others until home. Can't remember whether original Spitfire Percussion does.
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Impact Soundworks Rhapsody
Rhapsody has some issues with the release tails though. Sometimes they sound pasted on and jarring, or just truncated.


Loops de la Creme is my favorite for cymbal swells, with 10 types (includes the cymbal hits too). It's more of an upfront studio sound too, as opposed to recorded in position in a soundstage (like Berlin Perc). I didn't realize until after I bought it, but it's got the cymbal hits too, and they are lined up in one patch so you can easily play through the whole line to see which sound you want. LdlC does periodic sales, so if you wait you might be able to snag it for 50% off.


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Phil Harmony

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I like NI Symphonic Percussion most of all, very realistic sound. They have rolls via modwheel for snares, toms, timpani, cymbals, tam-tams, and they all sound brilliant!


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What about controlling the "speed" of a percussion roll? Using the mod wheel to gradually increase or decrease the amount of hits within a roll. Any libraries which has this option?
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