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PEDAL STEEL by Impact Soundworks - Available NOW w/ intro pricing!


A common distinction is made between pedal steel owners and pedal steel players. With only ~5 years experience with the instrument I still place myself the former group. Based on what I've seen/heard thus far, I'm looking forward to this VI...and becoming, not just an owner, but a true programmer of the ISW Pedal Steel!


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I’m looking forward to this. The slides sound authentic in the demo.
I’d still use the Wavelore on a separate MIDI Channel just for emulating the actual Pedals on a C or E6. Selected PBend ranges applied to an FC7 Expression using my Scope MIDI Devices for additional curve modifiers and lag processing.

Damn I might have to sit down because it seems to pull of the tricks I want to do I’d need AFT and dual FC7s.

This thing sounds fantastic.


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You don't need selected PB ranges with this pedal steel, the harmonize engine is much simpler and maybe also a bit more flexible than Wavelore's system IMHO. Overall the whole library is a lot more down to earth and easier to use and play in realtime.

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E.D., have you ever tried to produce a track with the Wavelore? I ask because I’ve done at least a dozen and probably more, and I sure as HELL hope the harmonization is a LOT easier.


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Nope I just (tried) playing it in realtime. This one is a loooot easier to use. And yes, harmonization is much easier to set up.


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Ohhh, this looks like a must try..

I would love it, if there was a mode where the vi could analyze a track recorded with a slide/bar guitar converted to midi, and suggested a performance based on that (thats how I probably would record the track anyway).


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I really had so much fun with this one!
Since the product isn't released yet, this suggests you are a beta tester. Are you? When beta testers, or others with pre-release copies, comment in pre-release threads, I think they should disclose the fact.


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Watching the brief tutorial video, it seems relatively straight-forward to program (and play). Especially when comparing it to Wavelore.

Arg! I'm so freaking tempted!

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I haven’t had time to try it out, so I haven’t bought yet- but I definitely will during the into pricing. The tone is wonderful and ease of operation seems stellar. I have two questions:

1. None of the demos feature fast picking solo lines, say, constant 8th notes at 180 BPM. Any reason why not?

2. How would you go about relatively instant, or at least faster, onset of vibrato? A steel player will often bend up to a three note chord and start his or her vibrato at the apex. I assume vibrato speed can be controlled via CC? Thanks.
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