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Paulstrech now available as a plugin :)

Discussion in 'Mixing, Post-Production, and Effects' started by JanR, Feb 13, 2018 at 6:57 AM.

  1. JanR

    JanR Senior Member

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  2. baileysounds

    baileysounds Bailey

    Nov 9, 2016
    Thanks for posting this mate, great news!
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  3. wst3

    wst3 my office these days

    Apr 2, 2010
    Pottstown, PA
    I love the stand-alone version, not sure how I'll use the plugin, but you can bet I'll give it a try!

    Thanks for posting!
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  4. synthpunk

    synthpunk Senior Member

    Mar 3, 2015
    Hell's Kitchen/Orlando
    TX for letting us know. Definitely a donation worthy!

    Hopefully Cecillia 5 is next.
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