Parallel processing at end of signal chain for mixing orchestral?


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I posted this in the Sample Talk forum and probably should have posted here.

Does anyone use any parallel processing on their stereo bus for orchestral stuff? There's a couple of auxes for the stereo bus in the BBCSO Logic template that seem set up for that and I was wondering if parallel processing at the end of the chain is common for mixing orchestral? thanks!

I wouldn't say it's common, especially if you wanna save time delivering stems.

Some people use a final reverb to homogenize the cue.

I use a lot of parallel compression on my master bus for trailer and pop stuff.

But honestly, the less you use aux's in general, and inserts on the master, the easier it is for everyone later on.

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Not on the master bus as a rule or as something you need to have going on, but yes parallel compression works great on anything where you want to bring up the ambience (e.g.percussion, sometimes strings).

You can experiment with this. You can put a section further a way 'in the room' by using parallel compression on that section of instruments. Makes sense because BBSCO is recorded in a particular interesting space with wonderful accoustic character.
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Thabks all. My question came from trying out the BBCSO logic template and noticing it was set up for some kind of parallels processing at the end of the signal chain. Since it’s largely an orchestral template i thought there might be some common uses i wasn’t aware of.

What are you trying to accomplish by that?