Pain to set up the vélocity on master keyboard PLEASE HELP !!!


hi, i'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, love cinematic music.

I have huge difficulties to set the velocity of my master keyboard, and this is not to mention that the response to velocity varies according to the libraries.
I have a ROLAND RD700 nx stage piano that I paid over 2000 € about 5 years ago now. There are a lot of parameters and I have already studied the manual several times, especially the velocity sense parameter.

As a pianist, when I play on my instrument, ( not in MIDI), I put the keytouch at its maximum, to have a subtle play and to be able to get as close as possible to a grand piano. The different keytouchs are: spr light, light, medium, heavy, spr heavy,
I can also be more precise in each keytouch ( e.g heavy +6). So far no problem at all.

But when I use my keyboard as a midi control keyboard, when I use the super heavy touch, in my DAW the velocity remains very low, so the sound is very low, because even if the amplitude of my play is large, the velocity on the daw does not match my play. For example, for me as a pianist I vary from 0 to 127, and the resulting velocity is from 0 to 90, when I play piano and mezzo piano ( p, mp) the velocity is about 20. (See attached picture, left when I play from 0 to 127, right when I play p, mp)
Now when I put a keytouch more and more light (medium then light then super light), the game becomes in a certain sense more expressive in the DAW because I can reach higher velocities, which is paradoxical, but on the other hand, I can reach the lower velocities less and the latter are much less sensitive (see attached picture)

keytouch v3 paint.png

It gets even more complex when in my piano settings I touch the velocity sense setting which is set by default to +32. The closer I get this parameter to 0 the higher the velocity of my piano playing ( ppp) becomes a high velocity in the DAW ( picture 2, keytouch medium , velocity sense +32 + 25 + 15 + 05)

veolocité sense.png

if someone can help me because it's really a pain, I'm a pianist and I have a very high quality roland keyboard, I can't get a setting where I can have this sensitivity with VI, I've already tried to change parameters such as velocity curve in the VI, or the velocity response in my DAW ( studio one 4), but nothing does. Not to mention that I can put such a keytouch with such a velocity value sense, and that each VI responds in a different way.

Thank you very much, have mercy on me


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I have this problem as well and do not know how to fix it. It happens mostly with Kontakt libraries but it isn’t consistent. Some libraries play at the level I expect. Most don’t. I’m on an inexpensive Novation keyboard. I just manually adjust the volume/modulation as needed. Sorry, not much help.