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P-45 vs FP-10 MIDI Implementation

Well, of course there's a thread for p-45 to fp-10 comparison!! There's a thread for everything on vi control. Seems like the FP 10 is just what I'm after.
Don't want to open another thread, so I revive this one as it was also somewhat discussed by CeDur: I'm strongly interested in the FP-10, as I'm not comfortable with my current half-weighted MIDI controller - has anyone taken issue with just three sustain levels?

I don't use half-pedal often, but I like to write piano music and I'm not sure if I may be unhappy down the road. Do most piano VST actually support this?
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Not all VST pianos have it. Even if they have 'half pedal', it's usually only 3 modes: no sustain, half pedal, full sustain - even if the controller gives you more steps. What I mean: they will play the same sound no matter if your controller outputs CC64 = 57 or 95. Pianoteq is the only exception I know. The thing is with controller outputing 0-127 it's easier to map and trigger this 'half pedal' sound.

FP30X have some other benefits over FP10: casing has less flex, better sounds and outputs (if you ever want to use it as a standalone instrument) and I from memory the action is quiter by default (better dampened). If it's supposed to be only MIDI controller, I wouldn't pay extra over FP10 though (especially if you own P515 already).
To be honest I play only pianos, EPianos, sometimes drums VST, bass etc., so no experience with orchestral music. The issue is it lacks any knobs, aftertouch etc., so not a perfect general use MIDI controller. For that use case RD88 or A88 MkII might be better.
Thanks @CeDur, is the FP-10 also a good choice for playing orchestral VST or is the action a bit heavy for that?
I'm very happy with it from a piano perspective and it has also worked well as a orchestral midi controller with a fader controller on the side for a couple of years.
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