Overloud Releases TH-U


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Includes 239 Models, the World's Largest Collection!

TH-U is the re-imagination of Overloud's highly acclaimed TH3 amp modeling software. TH-U features a whopping 239 models, the world's largest collection, in a single plug-in. Building on the powerful features of TH3, TH-U adds:
  • 15 new amplifiers (92 total), 14 new cabinets (52 total), and brand new FX (77 total)
  • Rig Player (with 20 factory rigs) – reproduces rig models created by sampling real studio and stage setups
  • Amp Tweaks – modify amplifiers by changing preamp and poweramp tubes, as well as simulating the action of a variac
  • Built-in convolver to load external guitar cabinet IRs
  • Much more...
Find out more at: ILIO.com/overloud