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Over 1000 Vintage Synthesizers....is this real?!?


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Over 1,000 keyboards? Ha, you ain't seen nothing yet: ;)

-> http://www.eboardmuseum.com/100e_eboardmuseum_eboardmuseum.html

Right now there are about 1,700 exhibits, obviously mainly electronic keyboards like SYNTHESIZERs, E PIANOs, electromagnetic HAMMONDs, ELECTRONIC ORGANs, MELLOTRONs, STRINGENSEMBLEs, SAMPLER and so on. But naturally there are DRUMMACHINEs, LESLIEs, AMPs, FXs and, and, and as well.

.... brothers in mind, I guess ... :alien:


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Ha, fun video.

That was a Siel DK600 midi expander. I had one when I was a teenager. The thought of messing about with it now doesn't excite me much though. Give me Uhe and Omnisphere synths any day!


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I can smell all those old electronics and plastic through the video. I wonder how many work, or will still work in another decade? I don't get a charge from old 70's electronics personally :)
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