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Hey everyone,

We realize that there are a few different competitions happening right now.
But a few weeks ago, we banded together with our friends at StaffPad to find a fun way for you to get creative, spread some music, and win some prizes. And we’ve come up with the #OutsideCompetition.

Entering is easy: Compose a piece of music from 45 seconds up to 2 minutes, on the theme of ‘outside’. Click below for more details and to find out how to enter.


Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the competition before entering. The closing date for entries is Tuesday, May 26 at 15:00 PDT.
We’re looking forward to hearing what you create and we hope that you have fun with it!

A message from David Hearn (StaffPad, Founder)
“Spring is often thought of as the season of renewal. It’s a symbol of nature’s refresh, of emergence, of new life and of starting over. For many, these past weeks have seen a shift in their relationship with nature, as we seek to stay inside and prioritize the safety of ourselves and those around us. Now, more than ever, I make sure I take the time to appreciate, revere, and celebrate the beauty of the outdoors whenever I can.
We’re excited to work with Orchestral Tools to launch this #OutsideCompetition, which we hope provides a catalyst for writing a short piece of music — in whatever musical form you like — to express how you feel about the beauty outside. We can’t wait to hear what you write."

Thanks + good luck!

OT + StaffPad



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Just posted (in the nick of time)! It was a really fun project, and I think it came out pretty well!


Hans Shenk
Got this one in by a nose, as well:
It was really fun to write, and a good exercise in being less nervous about sharing music.


Wow, great choices! Impressed by that first place entry, really mature writing. And there were some awesome textures in the one that came in third.


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Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece of music as part of our #OutsideCompetition with StaffPad. We received over 500 entries and we were blown away by the great music you have written. You can check out all the entries for yourself—just search YouTube and Soundcloud for #OutsideCompetition.

Sadly there could only be 3 winners—choosing them was an extremely hard task for Hendrik and David.

So, in case you missed the special announcement...

As a thank you to everyone who took the time to submit their music and enter the #OutsideCompetition, we'd like to offer you a FREE Orchestral Tools single instrument.
All you need to do is email [email protected] with the link to your submission.

On behalf of everyone from Orchestral Tools and StaffPad, thank you for taking part, and we hope you enjoyed being part of the #OutsideCompetition.




Hans Shenk
Listened to the winners—some really, really lovely music. Well-deserved victory, for sure.

Many thanks to OT for running the contest and for the generous gift for entering.
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