Output everything bundle?


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Seriously considering picking up the everything bundle from output. I really liked the demos for the strings and the brass. However, right now I’m about 50% success rate liking products I have purchased from output -I really liked exhale, but ended up returning substance.

Does anyone have the everything bundle? Would you say the strings and grass are both very useful? What about movement?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Would you say the strings and grass are both very useful?
The grass Output is selling is quite strong.

Movement is cool, though, I can pretty much do that all with effects. I'm not using Movement much anymore.


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Yes I have it all. Honestly I rarely use most if them and don't use movement at all as it crashes cubase and it's not so subtle either. I'd suggest the sound toys bundle instead of movement. The rest of the libraries I just feel are waaaay to over processed and crazy for me to ever find a use for them


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I got Movement for free, so I can't comment about it, but I almost got the Output bundle from Native Instruments, as the sounds seems interesting and original.