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Out Now - Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined (U-He Zebra² soundset) w/ Intro Price + Easter Sales


Hi guys!

Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined has just been released and is the final chapter to our Zebramatic soundset series. Once again, this soundset aims at dark cinematic scoring for film and video games. However, it contains sounds which are quite different from what you might were expecting. You might find yourself wandering in a jungle or having a psychedelic experience in a forest, where "Hansel and Gretel" left bread crumbs to find their way back home. This is entirely up to you! The paranoid pianoids guarentee dark and strange themes, whereas the soundscapes will transform your film/video game into a living nightmare. Z3bramatic is a collection of 133 presets for U-he's Zebra² and contains the following categories: Soundscapes, SFX, Pianoids, Swells and Downers, Pads, Bass, Arps, Percussion and Sequences.

Z3bramatic comes with an intro price of €21,99 which will end on May 1st (after that date €28,99).

Watch our video with a full preset preview

and listen to our audio demos here:

There is still an Easter Sale with a 40% discount, using the coupon code EASTER2017. This is valid for all products, except Z3bramatic. Visit our website to learn more!

Have fun and keep on composing!
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