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OUT NOW: XOSPHERE 2 - The World's Most Creative Atmosphere Engine!

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XOSPHERE 2 is simply amazing.

Introducing Sample Logic’s largest collaboration in company history and your newest tool for creating unique atmospheres, XO2 is not only an infinite sound sculpting virtual instrument.

XOSPHERE 2 sports over 2,000 inspiring ready-made soundscape presets derived from content curated by leading sound design and virtual instrument companies. The result is a momentous achievement for Kontakt and for atmosphere creation. This truly is the last atmosphere tool you will ever need.

Get the all new XOSPHERE 2 now at an introductory price of $299.99, or if you already own the original XOSPHERE, get it now using your serial number for just $249.99 (This is a limited time offer!).

More info: https://www.samplelogic.com/products/xosphere-2/

Intro Pricing Ends: November 12th

  • 2,000+ Sound Sources & Presets with a limitless number of sonic combinations
  • 13GB Sample Content
  • Sounds from leading industry developers
  • Dynamic Meta-tag browsing system
  • Proprietary 4-core XY sound morphing engine
  • Infinite randomization features for instant inspiration
  • Hot-swappable effect chain technology
  • FX Animator & LFO integration for tempo-synced rhythms
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This looks like a powerful tool for ambiences.

I saw many endorsements on the website from pro composers. One of them is a regular here, Charlie Clouser. It would be great to get some more feedback from him about this library.


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In case anyone is still on the fence about XOSPHERE 2 before the promotion period expires... I just did an hour and a half of live-streaming (and giveaways) on the Samplecast site HERE

Also... the Samplecat makes a special guest appearance.
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