[OUT NOW] - EPIC BABIES - Unique Hybrid Scoring Instruments

Thomas Kallweit

just a late thanks for this!

Incredible what you did via processing out of simple toys.
Though I'm not sure what to do with those so creative sounds (ergo: where to place it compositionwise), it's fun to tweak and play with them.
This is a cool proof of concept for sure. So if anyone (like u) can use the right fx anything could be turned into heavy (rhythmic) gold.

One question remains:
Is there an option to adjust the arpeggiator and its settings?


Hi Thomas,
Glad you liked it. We are working on an update of the GUI with an Arpegiator and aditional presets.
The patches that have arpeggiator (Bonus sequences) can be edited under the hood under script editor. It wont affect the rest of the script.