[OUT NOW] - EPIC BABIES - Unique Hybrid Scoring Instruments



Baby toys have been transformed into a rare and useful hybrid sample library for Kontakt. There are huge epic hybrid drum loops and braams, eerie hits, odd tonal keyboard and other indescribably sample instruments made with baby xylophones, baby bottles, babies crying souls and other baby paraphernalia.

Our goal is to expand the sound design possibilities to the limit. Using everyday babies toys but processing them with hardware and the most odd and unheard software manglers, Epic Babies will find a place on every composer's template for one reason or another. Even if its just to show off how the spooky babies eyes open when pressing a note!

Price: $69.99

-200 Unique Instruments
-6.5 Gbs of Material (uncompressed)
-10k+ Samples from toys+Sound Design
-Processed with Hardware and crazy plugins.
-Bonus Epic Trailer Music Sounds

If you are still not impressed... well...we have a surprise for you. This is our first "commercial" sample library (we've been making our own in LA for over a decade) and there is this whole backstory mentioned in the product page about why babies...

So...not only is this our "coming out party" but we are also very thankful for everyone here at VI who purchased our soundsets and have been encouraging us, so you will be the first ones to get this crazy discount:
For a limited time use coupon code PSVI100 for a 100% discount on Epic Babies!!!!!
So hurry up, it's the first and last time we do this price (aka free) on Epic Babies.


Let the wet diaper jokes begin!

EDIT: Coupon ended already, but that baby is still kicking and screaming!
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I'm not sure what possessed you to be so generous, but the demo tracks sound intriguing indeed and I'm not one to turn down a gift set of creepy samples / instruments. I just created an account and "bought" this (with the coupon), and look forward to playing with it tonight!


Coupon was added successfully and was about to place the order it has been removed. Missed it. Demos sound really cool.