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Origins of Audio // Varitis: Dare To Explore the Unknown (U-He Zebra² soundset)



Hello guys!

Varitis: Dare to explore the Unknown is now out with an introductory price! Some of you have might seen already our teaser trailer. So in this post we are going to place our full preset review video and our audio demos. But first things first!

Varitis is a soundset for Zebra² and it comes with 121 presets. Some of these have a double functionality (a PAD transforms to a soundscape, or a key etc). These presets are divided into the following categories:

– 11 Arpeggiators
– 11 Bass
– 24 Sound FX
– 10 Keys/Synth
– 22 Pads
– 20 Sequences (MSEGs)
– 11 Soundscapes
– 12 Swells (Risers)

You can have a listen to our audio demos, which were composed using only the presets from this soundset. In some of these presets EQ and automation was used. Visit our soundcloud account for a full and detailed list of all the presets used in each audio demo.

You can also check our full preset review video down below:

You can buy Varitis for €23,99 excl. VAT (from €28,99).
Introductory price will be valid till (including) January 17th!
There will be an autocoupon during checkout.
If that fails, for any reason, use VARITISINTRO as a coupon code.

Have fun and keep on composing!
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