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Does licensing/encoding through NI make a store with à la carte pricing for individual mic positions, instruments, and articulations impossible? I can only think of one other developer with something like this.


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@ hawpri ...with your own sampleplayer you do not need any licensing/encoding through NI ;)


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Does anyone happen to know when orchestral tools will be launching their new store ? I'm keen to start buying some individual sounds, as outlined in their Keynote. I can't seem to find a launch date anywhere though ? Thanks


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Thanks. I emailed them, unfortunately they didn't have any further information or a date at this stage, despite it being announced back in January.


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Given the amount of development, and testing OT has to do to get their new Sample Player, new OT Store, also converting all of their current library content to the new player, Testing it to make sure it works reliably, and very efficiently, iron out bugs, ..etc. I think we have to be very patient.

I don't even think they know when all this will be ready. So..we just have to be very patient, and wait.

My guess is they will first release their free library, that uses the new Sample Player. Which will be a good way to test it, and hopefully not too long after that, they will begin announcing some of their current libraries availability, and much more.

Yes, Very exciting times ahead for OT products.
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